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Kaieteur - Guyanese Proverbs
guyanese proverbs
There are 139 proverbs on record.
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All cassava get same skin but all nah taste same way. All skin teet nah laff Baby who ah cry ah house and ah door ah same thing. Belly full behind drunk.
Big tree fall down, goat bite he leaf. Boat gone a falls, he can' turn back Born tired die lazy Bucket a' guh a well every day; one day he' battom mus lef'
Bush get ears and dutty get tongue. Cannin crow always promise he guh bil' house when rain fall Cat a ketch rat, but he a teef he massa fish. Cat foot soft but he ah scratch bad.
Clath ah easy fuh dutty but hard fuh wash. Contrary breeze ah mek crow and eagle light on one line. Cow a' guh a slaughta house, 'e na kay whey he dung Cow deh a pasture he nah remember seh dog and butcher deh till he see am.
Cow na' know the use o' he tail till mosquito season Cow wah ah cry fo' wata, nah he waan (one) want am Crab na walk,he na fat; he walk too much,he end up a'e pot Cuss when yuh ah guh, nah wheh yuh ah come out.
Da'ag na know how de world a' guh rung till he push he head a' salmon cup Daag get four foot, but he nah ah walk a four path Dah mouth dat man tek fuh court woman, ah de same mouth he ah tek an put she ah door. Dance a battam watch a tap
De bes' time to send an unwilling boy a wen you a dish out Dog buy rum, cow drink am, hog in sty get drunk. Don't mind how bird vex, it can't vex with tree. Eat Soljah bread payman deh ah foot
Every best friend get a next best friend. Every bush a man night time. Every fowl feed pon he own craw. Every rope gat two ends.
Fancy gallap naa win race. Fas' fly a' lockup a' cow ass Fish ah deh ah watah but nah ah dam tap. Fish ah play ah sea, he nah know watah ah boil fuh am.
Fish and cast-net nah friend. Gie Jack 'e Jacket Goat seh he rather he mumma dead befo'e aftanoon rain ketch am Good gubby nah ah float ah tap.
Good livin na' lang life Hard times mek sheep an' goat graze ah one pasture Hungry nah know bam-by. If cow-man pass wild meat whah mek me must pick up am.
If dutty ah deh ah roof tap, yuh barrel ah catch am. If hoorie come outta trench bottom an tel yuh patwah wearin glasses, yuh betta believe am If lil' snake want grow big, he must keep a' grass caana If me bin know always deh behind de door.
If oil ah float watah deh ah battam. If trousers say massah teef, yuh can't doubt am. If yo ga balls na laugh at gody man If yuh eye nah see, yuh mouth nah must talk.
If yuh finger get sore, nah tek am and throw way. If yuh nah get wing, nah ah guh a bird sport. If yuh plant plantain yuh can't reap cassava. It nah good to shove yuh foot in every stocking.
Lil ah sick, big a get better. Lil boy nah climb ladder to turn big man. Lil finger point to de big thumb and sey nah guh. Macaw ask parrot if mango ripe, he say one, one.
Man strength deh ah he hand, woman strength deh a she mouth. Monkey dress e pickney till he spoil. MOON AH RUN TILL DAY KETCH AM Moon ah run till daylight ketch am.
Mouth cut trousers nah ah fit Massa. Na age shrimp na get mek 'e na big like whale Na lack ah tongue mek cow can' talk Nah all who guh a church house ah guh fuh pray.
Nah because dog ah play with yuh he nah bite yuh. Nah every big head get sense. Nah every crab hole get crab. Nah everything scholar know he learn from teacher.
Nah mind how pumpkin vine run, he must dry up one day. Nah one time a fire mek peas boil. Nah put all two foot in river if yuh want see how he deep. Nah tek yuh mattie eye fuh see.
Never cuss bridge that you cross Never guh a store ah night fuh buy black cloth. No good carpenter does get good wuk bench. Nobody want dutty powder.
One kiss nah done lips. One man money mek too much man cry. One one dutty buil' dam One, one dutty build dam.
Only knife ah know whah in pumpkin belly. Orange yellow but yuh nah know if he sweet. Rain ah fall ah roof yuh put barrel fuh ketch am. Rain fall, e' na full bucket, - dew can' full am!
Same stick wah' knock black dog a' knock white wan tuh Seven years nah too much fuh wash speck off ah bird neck. Shame face ah feel like cent ice. Shame na-ah bruck neck. He ah ben' 'ead
Since beg pardon come a' fashan, lil boy a' mash big man foot Slow fire ah boil hard cow-heel. Some pork-knockers does only clear track fuh monkey run race. Stone deh a' battam ribba. He na know 'ow sun hot
The looks ah de pudding is not de taste. Tief man na like see 'e mattie wid big bundle Tongue nah gat teeth but he ah bite fuh true. too much best friend a mek too much enemy
Too much sit down ah bruck trousers. Turtle can't walk if he nah push he head outa he shell. Turtle nah want trouble mek he walk with he house pon he back. Vex nah gat plaster fuh passion.
Vice nah hurt but conscience ah hurt yuh. Wak a Kana Wan Wan Dutty Buil' dam Wasteful man money ah guh like butter in de sun.
Wha eye nah see, heart nah bun. Wha sweet ah goat mouth, ah sour ah he backside Whah hurt eye does mek nose run water. WHEN BIRD FLY TOO FAST, HE PASS HE NEST
When blind man seh he guh pelt you, he get wan brick unda he foot When coconut fall from tree he can't fasten back. When dog hungry he ah nyam calabash. When gaulding see fish he forget seh gun deh.
When man done suck cane he dash peeling pan ground. When man mek heself sugar he mattie ah suck am. When monkey ketch trouble, baboon trouziz a fit am When Mumma dead family done.
When two big bottle deh ah table lil one nah business deh. When water throw away ah ground yuh can't pick am up. When you want fuh swim river yuh gat fuh plunge inside fuss. When yuh buy ah dutty calico yuh gat fuh wear am till it tear.
When yuh dead yuh nah sabee, and when yuh sabee yuh dead. When yuh deh in bad luck wet paper self ah cut yuh. When yuh play out all yuh trump cards yuh gat to lose till game done. You come fuh buy milk, nah fuh reckon cow
you diggin hole to full hole You don't have dog and bark. You kill picknie gie mama, mama' na' gah eat em. Kill mama gie picknie, picknie gah eat am Youth nah ah weary but he ah fall down.
Yuh can' plant cassava an' expec fuh reap plantain Yuh can't chew bone with gum. Yuh can't drink mauby and belch beer. Yuh can't fatten cow fuh another man butcher.
Yuh can't suck cane and blow whistle. Yuh gat fuh blow yuh nose where yuh stump yuh toe. Yuh tel tara and tara tell tara.