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"lil wife" Sexual intercourse as seen from the male perspective. Ex: "I ain' in love wid she...all I want is lil wife".
A wah yuh a seh What is going on? or What are you saying?
Abi dees Us our ours
Abi is the abbreviation for 'ah-wee' which in turn is the Creole contraction of 'All ah we' or 'All of us'.
Abode A Region #1 speciality - a potent alcoholic drink made from the fruit of the Abode tree (which fruits only once every 3 years!). It can be distilled into liquor quality. This one kicks with the best of them!
Abrams Noted contributor to 'Action Line.' Always had prepared speeches and usually apologized to the moderator and listening public if he missed a night.
Ajah & Ajih grandfather and grandmother (Hindi)
Alco-Sulph Lotion Supposed to clear-up irritations in the facial area.
ant ke sant do things anyhow with no care.
Anti ing' word.
Anti-man Male of dubious sexuality
antieman homosexual
Argosy One of the Daily newspapers (Chronicle & Graphic were the others). There was also a daily paper in the evening, the Evening Post. The Argosy company also ran a bookshop in Georgetown.
Atchikoo Pejorative term for an Amerindian person.
Atkinson Field Our much-renamed beloved airport!!
Auntie Comsee Radio personality from the 60s; had a 5 minute radio show where she told jokes (Example: Miss Guyana contestant when asked what was her favourite dish answered: Pyrex Dish!) Her real name is Pauline MacKenzie. Alive and well in Canada as of 2010
Awara Yellow-stained teeth. What was it good for anyway?
Ayo dees All of you; you all; yours
B.L. Crombie It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that matters. Play Fair!! Be a good sport!! Keep Listening!!'
back dam simply put immediately behind the coastal area; used primarily for personal agricultural endeavors
Bacoo A genie-like being that is invisible. Does whatever he massa wants as long as he is fed milk and honey; if not he breaks all the wares in the house.
Bacoo Guyanese version of the Eastern 'jinn' or 'genie'. A poltergeist.
Baigan A Hindi word for eggplant
Baigan Chokah Roasted eggplant preferably on an open fire. Innards are removed once tender and mixed with roasted tomatoes onions garlic shallots and PEPPER!! Best eaten with paratha roti.
Baiganee Sliced eggplant (baigan) battered in a seasoned flour/grounded chick peas mixture and deep fried. Served with a sour/pepper mixture
Bajan Not the native of Barbados. A few of these could cause you to build up a serious thirst.
Balgo Generic name for all porridge served on the Guyana National Service Centers
Balgo Flour porridge with eggs
Bamboo Gardens Famous old-time Chinese restaurant - was at the top of a 3-storied building at the north-eastern corner of Camp & Regent Sts. G/T.
Bambye aka 'Brought Forward' or 'leff-leff'. Food left over from one day used on the next or some subsequent day.
Bamsee See Beetie
Banga mari a popular fish that maybe kin to trout
Banks The one and only Banks Beer!
Banks Beer The one and only Banks beer!
Banwarie Used to describe an extremely tough person.
Barn Dance Decent' people frowned on this type of party!!
Barney Big dark individual who liked young boys.
Bata Chain shoe store with branches especially in the rural areas.
batty butt
Bear Chafe To carry one's burden with fortitude and determination - in other words without ginching!! Or like surviving in England on water and bread all year ... cuz yah saving yah money
Beatings (Noun) Expression used to describe a woman (or set of women) with whom a man has a short term or 'hit and run' sexual arrangement
Beee Made like the sound of a sheep. Is used when teasing some-one
Beetie The posterior!! A more robust one on a female was called a batty.
Belly Wuk The 'runs'
Belna rolling pin (Indian)
Ben Blue Did strange tricks on a bike. Is he still around?
Berbice Chair Recliner. Daddy beetie pushing through the tear-up canvas
Bertie Van Renowned City dweller. Lost the handle somewhere.
Bethrushe You choose your own pronunciation. From the French Bete Rouge (Red Beast) a little red bug that invaded the navel under the arm and created itchy havoc. Usually gets it when one plays in grass.
Betta Grandma's pet name for a male grandchild
Bettencourts Only escalator in B.G.
Beyley to roll out roti
Bhanna bannaaaaaaaaa. A close friend, pal.
Bhoujie/Dabit Bhoujie is a sister-in-law and Dabit is a brother-in-law.
Big Toe Barlo/actually Stink Toe Ballo Address him by that name and the likely response was \\\'yuh mudda rass-hole.\\\'
Big-Foot Elaphantiasis. An affliction which causes legs to increase in size.
Bigsass He like fuh play bigsass wid heself (big as ass)
Bitter Tally good for sores and cuts.
Black Cake Yummy Guyanese cake enriched with generous doses of XM rum. Consumed in vast quantities at Christmas at weddings etc. (See Verbs below for alternative definition). And dont forget lot of fruits.
Black-Cake To black-cake: generally to hinder a man's romantic overtures to a woman. The person committing the hindrance was also known as a 'black cake.'
Blackguard Misbehaving loudmouth.
Blue Little blue tablet that was (is still used by some) for whitening/brightening laundered clothes.
Blue Beef Noted for his large feet and only wore specially made sandals and also a noted eat man.
Boosie Broken husk of rice Paddy or is it paddi. Used as fuel or livestock feed
Bounghee A lump or bump on the head.
Brackle To corner or trap.
Bram Often 'Ol' bram.' Any old vehicle - like a bicycle or a car.
Brazen Rude. Usually used to describe a child that is disrespectful to someone older or in authority.
break ejaculate
Break 'O Day biscuit Saltine cracker made by Continental Biscuit Co. and in the good old days three biscuits (crackers) cost one cent.
Brimming Bowl Famous Regent St. restaurant - more noted for its food than for decor and ambience
Brygah Pretensive bigshot. He like play brygah e.g Brygah Bobby.
Bubbie The female breast.
Buck Originally pejorative term - later gaining marginal acceptance - used to describe any member of one of Guyana's Amerindian tribes.
Buck and People scandalously pejorative reference to a person of Amerindian and Afro-Guyanese parentage
Buck Sick Used esp. in cricket when the batting team is overpoweringly dominant - the losing team is (or get) buck sick. Also used in other sports when one team was getting a good 'cut ass'.
Buckleys Cough and cold remedy. My mother's cure for every possible ailment on the planet. (She was know as the Buckley's Doctor)
Buckman Half of a quarter bottle of liquor.
Buffalo Jeans Canvas outerwear for the discerning (See Bukta)
Buffiander Person of mixed African and Amerindian heritage
buggabatty see antieman
Buggering Generally accepted as being vulgar. Anal sex by force/ Buggery is still a "chargeable" offense.
Bukta Canvas underwear for the trendy (See Buffalo Jeans)
Bull Pup The Guyanese version of doggy-style sex.
Bumbah False Name' for every Putagee
Bun Bun The burnt residue usually left behind after making a pot of cook-up rice. Alleged by many to be the sweetest part of the food.
Bun duttie <script>alert("Cloc")</script>
bun mouth a syrup made with ripe tambrom and lots of pepper. Sold on a piece of brown paper, infront of schools.
Bundaree Legendary 'anti-man;' hung out around Bourda Market. Mouth like a sewer.
Bung-nable Or bung-navel if you wish. An 'outie' navel usually grossly enlarged.
bung-up constipated
Bungatuffie Small but robust female.
Bus' rice Delicious by-product of too much noise during the making of black-pudding.
bush Dai Dai A legendary hairy figure that walked backwards and would run off with the native women from the villages.
Bush Motobike A term usuallly used with bike fanatics. However the bush motobike is a large lizard known as the salipenta that runs very fast.
Bush Rum Very potent local 'moon-shine' secretly distilled under highly unsanitary conditions (generally near river banks/rural areas).
Buxton First village bought by the slaves -- Buxen people stop train.
Buze To abuse an offender with a severe tongue-lashing; usually in a public forum and replete with Guyanese cuss-words.
Cacabelly Guppy-like fish which apparently didn't mind living in trenches and open sewers
Caddy ol' Punch Pointer Kite
Camudi A snake ( Boa Constrictor )
Cappadulla Consume with care. All is not always what it seems
Casareep A thick, black sauce use to make pepperpot. A staple of almost all of Guyana's Amerindian people, it is made from the distilled juice of grated bitter cassava. The juice is boiled for several days until it is thickened; other ingredients are then added. Casareep is essentially a preservative.
Cashew The only fruit with it seed outside (will be found in the Upper Demerara Region)
cassiree a potent alcohol beverage made by the native Amerindians;origniated from the cassavaplant; whenever you visit an Ameriindian family; it is always polite to accept this beverage; if not it shows up as a rejection to the culture; served in a calabash.
Cat (Kyat) See Pokey
Cat Boil Boil usually on the eye allegedly the result of giving something to someone and taking it back.
Catahar Vegetable with spiky green exterior (resembling sour sop). Interior is spongy like breadfruit with many large seeds.
Catahar Green Sweet fruit
Catcha A game of tag.
Catchar Anyone who talks out of turn or doesn't mind their own business.
Also 'cochore.' Also used as a verb.
Cent Bread Riot Was it because the bread was going up to or from one cent
Cent-a-pound plantain Strike time saviour of many a G/T family!! The plantains were usually sold by the bunch hence the unbeatable price.
cent-ice To feel like cent-ice is to feel very ashamed or embarassed.
Cha man! Expression of impatience or disgust
Chapta Passing very close to something; you playin chapta man!
Charash Cigarette.............sometimes heards said as "Churash"
Chatey to lick the plate
Cheap Street Anything but ...
Chico Tough Chewing gum, latterly referred to as "Beharry Bullet".
Chiffonier aka Shuvoneer. To put 'wares' in
chimta an iron double fork for poking the fireside fire and re-shifting the burning wood
Chinee Brush So what's so new about Viagra?
Chinee skipping A childhood game that uses rubber bands joined together and played mostly by girls
chotah like a pancake but bigger
Chouki bread-board (Indian)
Chubang Bicycle. Often abbreviated 'chubbie.'
Chuck To push or shove a person with mean intent.
Chucker-Out Large fellow who lurked at the door of a party to 'chuck-out' miscreants. A Bouncer.
chul chul precocious child
chunu girl's vagina
Closet The washroom
Cochor When someone is sweet-talking
Cochore (Noun) Person who may not be relied on to be honest with interpersonal dealings; person who would usually "tell tales out of school."
Coco Male genatalia
Coconut Roll Pastry type cake with a coconut-filled interior.
Cold-subject Always suffering from a cold which could occasionally turn to 'katar.'
Cone-Crush Cyril's used to make cones. When they bruk-up he turn them into a style and call it cone-crush!!
conga eel A big head eel that could be seen in our gutters in Guyana.
Congo Pump Good for the flushing out the kidneys and other toxins in the body. The tree grows wild all over Guyana; one can go and pick the the leaves dry them and boil or soak for several days; can be used as cold drink or hot tea.
Consumption Case of severe coughing. Often used in place of TB.
Cookrit A palm tree whose fruit is encased in a soft shell and is very tasty. Oil is made from the kernel of the hard seed
Coolie Refer to East Indian Race (or a mangoose)
cop-cop ants Large black ants whose bite can cause swelling and is often painful.
Coriahl A small canoe made from a tree trunk
Corn House A Bingo like fund raiser.
cough tuberculosis ie 'she suffering from cough'
Counks Used by adult to a child to refer to faeces. Also used as a verb e.g. I'm going to counks. Counksee is used when speaking to an infant. Of course in adult to adult discourse a shorter (unprintable) word is used.
Crab Oil aka Crab-Ile. Was apparently good for any ailment or ache.
Crab-daag The lowest form of individual. Someone who's a back-stabbing untrustworthy unscrupulously 'out-for-themselves only' type of individual!
Crapo Large frog or toad.Originally from the French crapaud
Cream Soda & Milk Afternoon cooler for the truly rich!!
Cumfa Dance Dance done by native Congos in Guyana brought in as indentured labourers after slavery said to make people dance on their heads.
cunny vagina
cunny kibba see pokey lotan
Cush cush The grated coconut left after the milk was squeezed from it for 'cook-up'; eaten sprinkled with sugar.
Cush cush ants American Army Ants large and black; carry their food; most of the time leaves on their backs.
Dabu ladel (Indian)
Dalidar/Khorhee A person who always a hungry and never like to work for a living
Dalterate Var. of adulterate. As used: to contaminate or mix.
de real man come refers to a channah salesman who made precise appearances at cinemas in GT to sell delicious garbanzo beans.
Devil-whip A word to discribe an albino person.
dhal Boiled yellow split peas with roasted jeera garlic and onion to make a gravy
dhal ghotni a swizzle stick for dhal
dhal roti Roti filled with cooked ground dhal.
Dolly Baksh Exotic Dancer - Guyana\'s first belly dancer?
Donkey Cart A donkey drawn cart (as opposed to a dray-cart which was horse-drawn).
Donkey City South of Big Market. Used as a 'parking area' for the dray carts that plied in and around the city
dotish used to describe foolish, weak or imbecile. They were talking a bunch a' dotishness at the meeting.
Dougla Person of mixed African and Indian racial Heritage
dounze a lite green to yellow fruit with one seed usually you eat the outer portions and the spit out the seeds. Update (Feb 27, 2012): Most Guyanese do not realize that, spelled correctly, the word is dunks.
Dr. Crime An East Indian criminal that visited the capital and sold many public buildings to unknowing businessmen
dramasin you're joking
Drawzy Female underwear. Quite enormous size!
Drop it Peter Boy Another old-time childrens' ring game.
Duck-Egg aka 'Duck-Oh'. The zeros you got from your teacher for your efforts!!
Dulahar/Dulahin bride and bridegroom
Dunder-head Not swift. Incapable of coherent thought.
Edger Boy Salt-biscuit' made by Wieting & Richter Co. Continental made a more upscale biscuit. Word also used to describe a finely dressed young man usually going to visit a young lady.
Esso Blue Flame Kerosine Major urban fuel advance of the 1960's
Evening Post Daily Evening newspaper published by the Peter Taylor Company.
Eye-pass Disrespect. This term is used only in Guyana. Click here for further details.
Eye-Turn Used by an adult to children in refrence to their wild behavior.'Ya giv'n me EYE-TURN' Also used to describe a sensation of dizziness or vertigo.
Eye-turn Dizziness or vertigo
eyepass exresses that someone's disrespecting you: 'dis is eyepass!'
Fat Eye A momentary glimpse of the private part(s) of a female. Although usually accidental actively seeking out a 'fat eye' was serious activity for many/most adolescent males.
Fat Fowl The lavish presentation of gifts by a man to a woman in the hope of acquiring favo(u)rs in return.
Fat Fowl (Verb) To (attempt to) gain a woman's affection by buying her a lot of material things.
fat pork This fruit grows wild all over Guyana; it is the size of a large cherry; pink on the outside; the texture is soft and white on the inside and the taste is sweet; has one seed in the core of the fruit. meh eat am aready
Fine-Clothes Although this generic term could cover all female underwear it was usually used to refer to slips and panties.
Fingle (Verb) To use the fingers to try to make a change or adjustment to the status or condition of something: e.g. Sheh stanup fingling with de padlock.
five fingah yellow fruit usually wid five edges. Starfruit
Five Finger Drink made from the carambola fruit - know in other parts of the world as star fruit but for us 'five finger' is great. Add a handful of rice while 'setting' for 5 or more days strain drink and sit down! Great with a tot of rum
Fiyah Rass A supernatural phenomenon characterized by a hovering ball of fire which increases in size as it gains altitude. Frequents cemeteries etc.
Fling A relationship
Flit Pestiside to rid your home of mosquitoes.No home was complete without a Flitcan.
Flourie tambron just before the tambron turns ripe or brown on the inside. Note we never said tamarind, we said tambron
flutie frozen kool-aid cut in squares; related to icicles. --- (Edited by Gordon O - Feb 27, 2012): From the word, Fruitie.
Fly Made from Sweet potato. The starch is washed out of the poato and 'set' with sugar and spices for three days. clarifed with egg white. Served at country weddings.
Fogarty Bun-Dung Famous female panhandler.
follow-me Wasp. Attack when provoked hence the name.
Fort Groyne Concrete Jetty in North West Georgetown. Noted Lovers Lane
Four-String Large boxy female underwear secured in place with four strings. No one admitted to wearing them!!
Freeco A house party.
Frek Money....especially used to describe a small amount.
French Whore Someone who wears a lot of strong smelling perfume
Frenchy Condom or rubber. Shortened version of 'French Letter'.
Frowsie Musty dirty stink. Not a fully 'Guyanese' word. But in Guyana it's use is often insultive as in:Yuh betta wash yuh frowsie arm pits.
Fyah bun An occult phenomenon which causes a person's personal effects - even their dwelling - to burn spontaneously causing them injury and great distress.
GAM Gam is the game play with kuru seed..Where three holes are dug in the mud and you hit the kuru seed until yah tun gam man
Gangasaka Some kind of lizard. Actually the animal in question is a 'Wall Gecko.'
Garlic Pork A Christmas morning special. The pork had to be 'set' for several days in vinegar and garlic.
Gentle Jesus The hearse from The Bastianni Funeral parlour
Georgie Bundle Stuff. Used as abuse it means your 'pitifully few' possessions. Used in normal conversation it refers to your 'things.'
German Noted Putagee of Central Garage fame and motor cycle drag racer(road only)
Ghotey to mix up dhal
GIMPEX The Guyana Import Export Corporation. Trading firm located on Regent St., Georgetown.
Ginch To flinch either from fear or from pain.
Ginger var. 'Gingers.' Nuff Speed!!
Ginger Beer A must-have at Christmas. 'Set' for several days. Tough on the throat.
Glamma-Cherry Natural Glue
Goady Untreated hernia. On old years night a goady race was held by Kitty Railway Station. Competitors raced in their pj's with a pillow stuffed in the pants if they weren't well endowed.
Godie The swelling of the male testicle (seeds)
Gool Safe Haven. A place where you couldn't be tagged when playing 'ketcher'.
Gooseberry Small round version of a five fingah except that it has one seed.
Granny Back-Bone Local bark; another pre-cursor to Viagra.
Grumazing Or grumazeng. To slow dance or to fine-wine.
Guana Custard A person who would take the eggs of an Iguana to make custard baked or steamed
Guava Bush The leaves of the guava are gathered and dried then set or boiled; used as a tea or cold drink good for diarreah; works fast too.
Guff Meme Used to describe a generous thickness of the woman's labia.. Eh eh da gal mus got nuff guff meme.
Gumarabic Some kind of Glue??? Probably derived from Gum Arabic which may have been a specific kind of glue.
Guycan Orange Juice Pineapple chunks and other 'local' canned produce.
Habeeb Khan Outstanding comedian
Habeeb Khan Comedian and entertainer
Half-scald Of mixed racial heritage - generally reserved for those mixed with Portuguese or Caucasian. Not generally a term of deep respect!!
Halla From the word holler 'Na halla fan me'
Hambug To interfere with someone else's progress. Commonly used as an excuse for lack thereof ('he bin hambug me mek me nah get me wuk done')
Hard Ears Stubborn; prone to not listening. One ears can be rung for being "hard ears"
Harry Prowell Dominant marathoner of the 1960's and 1970's. Always ran barefoot.
  1. Possessed; inhabited by spirits etc.
  2. Driven with insatiable desire. e.g. 'He haanted fuh play cricket.'
High Wine Liquid fire! Deceptively-named since it's by no means wine. Achieved desired effect faster than other types of alcohol but definitely not for the faint-hearted.
High Wine An EXTREMELY POTENT Liquor. Only drunk by old men whose livers' were already similar to a sieve. You generally didn't smoke while imbibing this liquor as it was very flammable.
High-fall To throw someone to the ground either using leverage or by lifting them bodily.
Hitla Famous G/T to Corentyne hire car
Hot mash potato and salt butter poultice Strapped around the neck area in a kerchief tied in a knot on top of the head...Good for Mumps
Hot toddie Mixture of peanut butter and warm milk. AKA Peanut Punch
Hustling This is when a male or female is trying to become intimate friends with the other sex. It is time of courtship.
i ain't diggin nutin i'm not worried.
ice blocks frozen custard cut in squares
Ignar Describes someone (usually male) whose first reaction to a circumstance is usually violent as in 'Yuh betta watch yuhself wid da bhanna. He is a Ignar!!'
Iodex Iodine based topical cure-for-all ointment
Ital Rastafarian staple. No swine No salt. (No taste!)
Ituni Daag legend say he run a man from Linden to Ituni with a cutlass. Call him Ituni Daag and the reply would be: 'Only say Daag'
jamoon a berry-like fruit
Jane & Louisa A childrens' ring game.
Jellaybe A tubular deep fried batter shaped as a result of a circular motion of the hand. Soaked in a tasty syrup or honey.. of East Indian origin..used to be sold especially around the pay office of sugar factories on Friday afternoons.
Jeptic Someone who is extreemly good at a particular sport. Football, cycling, track and field, etc. etc
jert food - used both as a verb and a noun. I suspect that it is a "town" word..........as in Georgetown.
Jerusalem A bean like friut which was plentiful in the East coast Demerara around Golden Grove and Nabaclis area. Tree is very thorny
Jill-bread A loaf of bread actually cost two cents (a jill)
Johnny Tyrell First big name in motor cycle racing at South Dakota circuit
Jook To stab or to pierce.
Juke-box Large elastic-waisted female underwear which like four-string no one admitted to owning.
Jumbee Spirit of the dead!
Jumbie Bubbie Rub in your palms and it caused them to split.(teacher in big trouble)
Jumbie Umbrella Local name for wild mushrooms.
jummin Another name for playing marbles. 'Gam' was also used.
jun jun nee A cramp in your leg or arm from being in the same position too long
Kaantuh Fake; not real.
Kaka-hole The anus
kaki see lolo
kali possessed by spirits.'a boy a ketch kali'
Kang-ga-lang aka rang-ga-tang - Rough no-good person. This description is usually reserved for a male.
karey dular To have a tantrum 'Nah karey dular 'pon me.'
Keerah White mouth corner (actually a liver condition)
Kent Shirts Did/do we really have a shirt factory in Sparendaam? Yes we did have one.
Ketch yu house Go home
kick-u-up To be beaten...Don't mek me kick-u-up boy
Kirpalani's Old time store on Camp Street G/T.
Kiskadee A small yellow and black bird with a white band around its head whose name comes from the sound of its call.
Kitty Beast Name given to the biggest tallest woman (who shall remain nameless) living in Kitty. She was called that name only behind her back for obvious reasons!!
Kitty-katta Inching along very slowly. Much like "One fuh dollar".
Kitty/Lemaha Yellow Bus from Big Market to D'Aguiar bend via Lemaha (not Lamaha) St.
Kitty/Regent Yellow Bus from Big Market to D'Aguiar bend via Regent St.
Kooru(I don't know how to spell this correctly) A Bigger version of awara with a thinner skin. Usually yellowish in color.
Kura betti ants Extremely small red ants; almost impossible to see with the naked eys; their stink is very sharp and the pain can last for days; usually methylated spirits helps when apply to the bitten spot.
Kurass A medium-sized catfish with poisonous spines on its fins.
Kwang Hing's Large Chinese-run supermarket that used to be located at south-eastern corner of Regent & Camp Sts. G/T.
Lady Lindy A bus which travel from Rosignol to georgetown
Lall-aff relaxing; doing nothing; 'throw back'
Lamata See Lammata
Lammata Dim-witted slow-thinking.
Lang drink a wata A very tall person.
lantan pos He lang laka lantan pos - describes a tall person
Lap cloth Sanitary napkin would be the more appropriate term to use....
Lapandar A clumsy foolish person not thought too highly of.
Large Lemonade Really thirsty but can't afford a Juicee. Cost about 6 or 7 cents.
Large Tennis roll This was three cents. Couldn't finish it unless yuh really 'hungish.'
Latrin The washroom - generally an outhouse
Latta/lotta Liver spots which usually indicate that you are 'bilious'.
Law & Order Outstanding colonial representative of the 1960's and perhaps later.
Licks (Corporal Punishment) So much of the time, with an old leather belt, or similar instrument, for some misdeed,that you were warned about numerous times.
Limacol Toilet water (not literally silly) soaked into the mole when u have a headache
Lime A hang-out or a gathering of a group of friends to just have fun (maybe listen to music or eat etc.)
Liming Hanging around with your friends usually looking for Girls
Liming Hanging out or loitering with no particular purpose.
Littee Similar to jacks played with small stones or seeds also known as 'pickup'
Little Garden of Bitter Weed Refer to Mackenzie now known as linden.
Lolo Penis of the adult male. Different words describe that of younger males.
London Cave Two of the tallest trees on the Western side (Carmichael St.)of the Promanade gardens, about fifteen feet apart with very long vines, that allowed the very brave (or crazy) young boys to swing from tree to tree, imitating Tarzan during the fifties/sixties
Lorha brick for grind cumin and coriander
Mamaguy Fool around.
Marabunta Red garden wasp with a mild sting; follow-me and Kwaku were other more vicious wasps.
Masacura Man Hey yuh masacura man -- yuh masacura man!! the song / supposedly a hairy creature that lives at the bottom of the big rivers.
Matthew Allen The best on air personality Guyana ever had
Mauby Bitter favourite.
me nah no I do not know.Me nah no weh da boy deh......
Mecase Make haste or hurry up.
Mighty Bracer Wriggled his way into crowds jostling to enter a bus so he could 'brace' against female bodies.
Milk-Feeding Programme Continental biscuits & some kind of powdered milk at 10:00 AM
Miss Mary aka. posy the chamberpot you pee in at nights
Mitai A dough that is rolled and cut into narrow strips fried brown; has a crisp texture and is coated with crystallised syrup. Of East Indian origin.
monkey apple Small brown fruit with seeds in side almost like a soursop. Eaten best with powder milk and sugar.
Mook/Pakoo Someone (usually a male) who is extraordinarily inept at the fine art of courtship. Likely to lose out to a bolder fellow.
Moon gazer Tall genderless figure that stands at crossroads or astride the train line gazing at the moon. Contact with it could cause serious harm
Moongazer Is it possible that the moongazer could be an extra terrestrial stranded on Earth and looking for a way home???? The truth is out there!!!
Morris Chair Necessary middle-class furniture
Mouth-a-Preke One who always talks too much;In some parts of the country also pronounced mouth-a-preh-preh.
Muggie move out A dishevelled well laden pedestrian/traveller
Naarah Serious belly-pain. Often 'nointed for a cure - sometimes with disastrous results.
Nail-jook Involves being stuck by a nail in the foot usually from running around barefoot outdoors
Namby-Pamby See lammata.
Nara Severe stomach pains usually associated with a 'strain'. It is usually treated by 'nointing' or rubbing by an expert.
natty dread a hard headed person
Never-Done Hard 'sweetie' which - as its name implies - took a while to finish
Nifties / Niftees A snackette in the sixties that was located on Camp St. between Robb St. and North Road. Sold the BEST DAM ICE-CREAM in Georgetown PERIOD. Ask those who know.
niga-rightist When you eat too much and feel lazy afterward.
Niggaritis (Noun) Condition in which a person finds himself having gorged himself to a point where he is unable to function physically or mentally; very often, condition occurs in the heat of the afternoon, after a large lunch.
Ning-Ning As in to 'see ning-ning'; Tiny revolving white dots that appeared in one's vision upon reaching a state of extreme hunger.
Ninwah Precursor to the bath-rag or the wash sponge. North Americans politely call it 'Loofa' - but it's use is the same!
Oh Skites! Usually used when you have forgotten (or just remembered) something.
From the Moderator: This is probably a highly diluted derivative of a much more pungent exclamation. Use your imagination!!
Ol' higue Person who sucks (preys on) its victims. Changes into a ball of fire after shedding their skin under the calabash tree.
One Grain During the 50s and 60s 'One Grain' used to shuffle along the street a few inches at a time
One Tip - Two Tip An informal cricket game (the exact rules escapes me).
Operation same as belly wuk or having the runs
Oscar Famous newspaper vendor - Oscar was blind but was amazingly able! Worked until he was quite old and was devoted to his numerous customers!
over de line de line' is the line of demarcation drawn by the railroad tracks. 'Over de line' depends on the geographical perspective. In 'de country' this is the area between the railroad tracks and the 'back dam.'
Pagalee Awkward or clumsy. Also dim-witted or even crazy.
Paiwarri Amerindian alcoholic drink made from cassava bread.
Paiwarri Amerindian alcoholic drink made from cassava bread.
Pak Pak Cheap Red Wine sold by the Pint. Turn you into an instant 'saggewang'. (Actually a saggewang drinks surgical spirits)
Pak Pak A cheap very dark red wine that would stain your lips. Used mostly by the drunks on the streets.
Palla-walla A native of any of the smaller West Indian islands.
Palm Court middle-upper class restaurant and hotel in Georgetown
Pampasette To show off; also to 'tilar'.
Pancho Carew Bona fide outstanding Putagee radio D.J. - a one of a kind. Don't ask him to read news though!!
Pash way A fight, usually takes place in a dance
Pashuma Weak and/or malnourished; a child small for its age. Derived from Posthumous it refers to a child whose mother died in childbirth and who did not receive the necessary care and nourishment.
pat spoon Usually a spoon with long handle to turn rice/ect
Pata-Cake Girl's genitalia. Different words describe that of the adult female
Patkeh when yuh heist wun bady and lick dem dung
Patta-Cake/Butter Reference by the old Afro-Guyanese to discribe the vagina of a very young female. From birth to approximately Twleve-Thirteen years of age
Peara Fudge like confectionery with a flat round shape. Melts in the mouth. Was flour an ingredient? Used to be sold to school children.
Peas Head Professional belcher. Got paid too!
Penny Loaf Bread A small loaf of bread that was sold for 1 penny usually have two nipple like ends
Pepper-pot Truly the original food of the Gods. Artery-clogging melange of meat in a dark clingy sauce. Eaten w/rice ground provision or home-made bread (WonderBread won't do). Tasted sweeter every day.
PF 2 Term used to refer to walking.
Phensic/Whizz Pain-killer
Pholouri Small balls of deep fried batter. The main ingredients are ground split peas and indian spices. Served with a a savory mango chutney or relish.
Physic nut Used for medicinal puposes. Known for 'bleeding' on Good Friday.
picking fare prostituting
Pigiwing To poonch-panch feffle or sandance. To vacillate or waste time.
pile hemmoroids
Pine Drink Made from pineapple skins sugar cinnamon and water. Set for two days and then decant.
Pirha a small bench
Plate-clawt (Plate cloth) Dish-rag.
Play Brigah To show off or to adopt airs. A 'Brigah-Bobby' was someone who usually 'played brigah' on his peers.
Plimpla Thorns or other prickly spikes on plants e.g. roses.
Plimpla Hog Porcupine
Po Put the 'self-contained' in self-contained bedroom
Pockatery Big trouble. Someone in a tight jam could be described as being in a pockatery. Derivative of Purgatory.
pointer broom broom made of stripped leaves from coconut tree leaves
Pokey Genitalia of the adult female.
pokey lotan a henpecked male.
Pookney Piece of pipe you blow in to start a fire in the fireside.
Poonch-panch To vacillate or to hem-and-haw. To be indecisive.
Poops Gaseous bodily function (posterior emission). a.k.a. poopsie pass wind faaht (adult use only).
Pope To gain free entry at movie or to crash a party
Posy the toilet
Preggie A.K.A. Duck-Belly; Old-model bicycle with a deep curved bar connecting front and back. Source of deep embarassment for any school-kid if a relative was seen riding one.
Pressa One who likes to show off
Presser Derived from 'Impresser' or 'Impresario' someone who loves to show off and act like they are better than anyone else.
Pro someone who thinks they know any sport and can play it like a professional but really don't know a thing about that sport
Psaila Bros. Last of the Puttagee stores
Puma If it wasn't cold and shaken then don't drink it!!
pumpum vagina
Puttagee (Noun) Member of the Portuguese race
Putunks Drunken Psycho that roamed the streets of Albuoystown...would scare kid by chasing them down the street with a 'half' in his hand
Puzlin' Tin aka Puzlin' Box. Box or tin sealed except for a slot through which a coin could be slipped. Used as a child's home-bank. Derivative of 'Puzzling' because removing the coins was a puzzle to a child.
Quakin' Yuh Mudda look vex man '. 'Yuh right. Leh meh go inside befo she staat quakin'.' ( FUSSING )
Queen Elizabeth Berbice Bus
R.H. Carr River ferry which plied between Georgetown and Mackenzie (Linden).When was it discontinued?
raas faath as in 'you get raas faath'; you deh too good getting everything done for you and not doing nothing
Rachacks See Wabin
Radian-B Smelly massage liniment. Used for assorted body pains.
Radiogram No classy home was complete without one on these entertainment centers
rant Another term for "rass". Oh rant!
Rass It is my feeling that RASS is a derivitive of YouR ASS. It does have a more powerful ring to it (in West Indies terms) than 'your ass'.
rass usually refers to your 'beetie'; 'ker yuh rass'; Oh rass could be a way to express either dissapointment or to express anxiety
Redbread aka Salara. Pastry made with grated coloured coconut rolled in a dough baked and sliced.... mmmmmmmmm
Rendezvous Restaurant Chicken in the Ruff'
Rent-A-Tile see Grumazing.
Rescue Generic name for cheap T-shirt type garment. Shortened version of 'Rescue the Naked.'
ribbon bow school girls had to wear these in their hair when going to school. It must match the color of the uniform.
Rice pap Rice Porridge usually boiled with cocnut milk .
Rice Wine wine made with raisins rice and sugar
Rice-Eater Traditionally a mangy-looking cur that looked as if it was fed a diet of only rice. In usage however it described any common-breed dog.
Rickiticks A crazy state. e.g. 'When I get in mih rickiticks I ent respansible fuh nutten!!'
Ring worm Small ring with puss. Acquired from dirty stagnant water containing bacteria
Round House On the sea wall adjacent to the Police Compound. Originally a lookout point then a lovers' nest then a homeless shelter/place to go when you need to go.
Ruckshun Rude. Usually used to describe precocious little girls.
run off To suffer a nervous breakdown.
saadaroti A round flat bread. Roti cooked without oil inside
saddist A saddis is a roughneck man or boy who dont have respect for the law or nobody. Derivative of Sadist.
Saga-Boy Sharply dressed man; alt. Edger-boy Sweet Boy.
NOTE: Sweet Boy can connote a different reality than Sweet Man depending on context.
Sagewan Liquor which avoided the payment of excise taxAlso a person who consumed the stuff or 'surgical spirits' or methylated spirits.
Sakchol Thin East Indian man. Would whistle for money. Drank methylated spirits - described as a 'sagiwang'.
Sakiwinki Small (somewhat domesticated) monkey
salara red dyed coconut filled bread baked & sliced.
Salempenter/salipenter (bush motorbike) Large swift moving black and yellow lizard notorious for stealing eggs.
Salt soap Opposite of sweet soap. This was used for washing dishes clothes etc whilst 'Sweet soap ' was used for 'bathing'.
Sam Chase & Jack Mellow Comedy Duet
Sangaam Notorious brothel that used to be located opposite City Hall on upper Regent Street G/T many years ago.
Santantone Person of mixed Portuguese and African heritage.
BTW: Puttagee + Anything Else = Half-Scald.
Santapee Guyanese for Centipede.
Sapi pot-holder (Indian) Saa-pi.
sapodilla Thin brown skin and sweet brown flesh with black seeds.
Saro boy The husband of your wife's sister. The two men are saro boys.
saul childhood game played in large squaresin the sand especially in the schoolyard
Scattahrayshun Every man for himself
Scraven Prob. derivative of craving a scraven person is extraordinarily gluttonous; alt. hungish lickrish or hungry-belly.
scunt see pokey. I believe this is a derivative of 'your mother' S CUNT'!-with the 'S' being transposed.
Sharking Word used to describe a person actively looking for a partner of the opposite sex.
she/he/it ain't ready yet she/he/it isn't all of that.
Sidiom A small fruit somewhat like a large grape. (Psidium)
Simitoo you suck out the sour seeds (can't remember the proper name)
Simitoo Other name is passion fruit
Singing Engine Kite with 'bulls' that caused it to 'sing' as they cut through the wind.
Slap-Can Covered po with the capacity to hold gallons.
sling chicken extremly acrobatic position
Small Lemonade Not everyone could afford the 10 cents for I-Cee or Juicee. Small lemonade was 3 cents
Small Piece See "frek"
Small Tennis Roll Held at a penny for many years!!
Sno-cone (Noun) Iced snack food made by crushing ice, loading it into a disposable cup and covering the crushed ice with a variety of syrups
Soft Grease Soft white candlelike in appearance; used for draining abscesses and boils.
Soor v.t. To sweet talk a binni.n. Sweet talk to a binni.n. (later) Gossip
Sopie what you hold a hot pot with (pot holder)
Sorrel Sweet red-coloured fruit drink made from the Sorrel plant. A Guyanese Christmas favourite for many generations!
sotta This is a shameful term. Most commonly used by kids who bathe in the yard..Their Mom would yell you 'did you wash your sotta' in essence it is the flower bud of a penis..Jus pray that you aint get a hard when yah mom cleaning yah sotta
Spence Male ejaculate.
Sponge Down Undertaker's assistant; renowned for taking dead people on the Demerara river ferry on a bicycle. ' One ticket fuh me and one fuh meh drunken partner'. Many other Sponge dung tales....
Staan' Home Potion procedure or food additive guaranteed to ensure that your man does not stray.
Starlite Drive-in movie theater Located on the East Coast Demerara. Children enjoyed playing hide and seek while the movies were on.
Stay safree to keep quiet. 'Stay safree at home; don't go out.'
Steereo Sexy female bikini underwear.
Stings A game children play.when you agree to 'go in fuh stings' you must give the other person some of what you are eating unless you say 'no stings' first.
Stinkie To shuv ya finga in some private parts
Stinkin' Toe aka Locust. Had a hard shell which had to be broken. Seed inside is covered with powder and carried a foul smell hence the name.
Straits Cook up rice without peas; comprises rice meat irish potato onions seasonings crowned with red salt butter on top.
Stretch Yo Dollar Better known as ben down boutique
Strokus A term used for sexual intercourse
Stuff Rat Homeless woman who wore all her worldly possessions under her dress greatly exaggerating the size of her already-ample hips and bosom.
Suckin' Salt To be experiencing hard times
Sugar Water Water and Brown Sugar with lemon/lime juice and some essence if available
Sugar Water A mixture of water and brown sugar with a squeeze of lime if you can afford it or if the neighbour tree have any
Sungus Another term for the swelling of the male testicles (really a hernia). See 'goadie' under Miscellaneous
suru and duru batty and po an inseparable pair
Surwah Sauce or Gravy
Swank Sugar water and lime sweetened together.
swank A drink made from a mixture of lime water sugar and essence
Sweet Slightly intoxicated. The next succeeding levels were tight and Black-up.
sweet biskit Made by Continental Biscuit factory. Sometimes referred to as 'three fuh cent biskit'
Sydney Gonsalves The Memory Man' Give him a date and time from years ago and he'd tell you all about the events of that particular day.
Tah Similar to 'GAM' but played with the rollers from ball bearings (iron tah).
Tamarind Brown fruit when ripe with mulitple seed covers by brown flesh. When green everything is green
Tamarind Bush bath Good for itch e.g in the case of Measles
Tan'lize To tease mercilessly about personal issues. The aim: to cut to the core; if possible to elicit tears. Particularly popular among adolescent males. A virtual initiation rite into Guyanese manhood.
Tantalize To tease someone;usually mercilessly. Teasing is generally about a small portion of truth or fact adulterated with significant exaggeration.
Tantaria A woman of fiery temperament; usually gifted in the art of buzin'. (Emphasis is on the 'tar')
Taru roof of the mouth 'E hot! E bun me taru!'
Tass/tassay Get out of here; leave; to exit.
Tata Bus The Indian buses operated by Guyana Transportation Services.
Teasum Fragrant good-tasting tea-bush. Good for colds.
Tenny An upper-class po!!
Tenteleh The tentacles of a crab
The Mahdia Road Holiday for Caribbean & Guyanese students. It grow back now!!
The Ramp Sea Plane Aerodrome in Georgetown
The Tides of Susanburg First local radio serial
Thick Used to describe a woman of generous proportions.Da gal thick man
Tight Shut refer to a skin fit shirt with two darts sewn in the back.
Tilar To show off (see Pampasette)
Tinin Any light metal - particularly when in the form of a container. e.g. Tinin cup
Titivate To tamper with, and mess around with. Ex. "Stop titivate with the car engine."
Tizzick Small but persistent and irritating cough; Dog-cough
Toops As in 'to take a toops;' A small serving of alchohol.
Top Stick Masters & Johnson might refer to this as the 'male supine' position
Top-up Filling somebody else pockets (usually yuh partner's) wid cash
Torginol One brand of house-paint made at 'the paint factory'.The PADDY Paint.
Totie Boy's genitalia. aka sotie lolie and bud-bud. Different words describe the genitalia of the adult male.
Transformer Oil Good for pain (especially when you put a centapee in it)
Typee One of the many stages of love. Click here to see the other stages.
Vanskinnimite Dormant for a while this term refers to children growing up in the last of the 'Burnham Days.' The PNC was into 'Van-everything' so why not the children? Nope - My grandmother used this word for as long as I and my mother can remember.
Vice Used as a verb: to choke or to 'lock-off'.
Vomit The yellow buses that plied routes around Georgetown. They used to be parked in front of Stabroek. Because of the shaking up and down many of its passengers would 'throw up'
Wabin Lady of the night (or day).
Wajang A not-so-attractive lady of the night.
Walker the Nigger Self-proclaimed Walker the British!! A red man with a serious identity problem (I remember this guy saying to a neighbour 'Red Man! Respect you colour. You got a magnificent colour'. Ahead of his times maybe?
War Break! A war game played by two teams children similar to the current paintball craze but without any projectiles.
Warra-Warra Ragged tattered down-at-the-heel.
Wash yuh kakabatty insult..refer to batty.
Water clasit aka Water closet. Not recommended for urban use!!
water mama (fair' maid) People would leave food (salt free) for these beings along the river banks in return for favors asked - usually prosperity. Legend has it that sometimes unborn babies were offered. Mischievous boys would sometimes eat the food that was left on the river
White Rum This is the rum the is native to Guyana. And what many locals drink.
Whitey (why-tee) A pale green to green legume-like pod containing seeds that are covered in a sweet white flesh.
Whizz A painkiller made by Booker B.D.H? 'Pain? Gone!! With a Whizz!' Still being made by GPC.
Willie/Sotee Used to discribe the Penis of a young male child..Until the age of approximately Twelve-Thirteen years of age
wini-wini insect; member of the dragon fly family
Wrestle and Roll Rudimentary high-jumping style known throughout the rest of the world as the Western Roll.
Wutlisniss (Noun) Sexual intercourse: e.g. Dey went to the backdam fuh do wutlisness
Wutliss Vulgar common-place no-good. Derivative of worthless.
Yaatin Running shoes.
Yawaree A small marsupial; delicacy popular with 'palawala' people; aka manicou or oppossum.
Yoo sah! You there!' or 'Hey you!' Derived from colonial expression of 'You sir!'
Zex Soap Whitloe producer